To Parents Raising White Children

To parents of white children,

Do your children sit under the authority of black women?

I’m not asking about your child having black friends because you moved into (let’s be real, gentrified) a neighborhood where your child could be exposed to black people.

Don’t misunderstand the question because of your black family or friends who only interact with your child in your presence.

One of the destructive impacts of brown v board of education was the intentional dismantling of the legacy of black educators and authority figures when white parents demanded schools to terminate black educators. Parents just like me and you vilified black educators and impressed upon our white children that black people had nothing to teach them.

Subsequently, we live today as white adults unwilling to follow the wisdom, guidance, and boundaries set by black women. This hostility is in our cells.

So again I ask, do your children sit under the authority of black women? Do you?

Pay top dollar for black women to teach, mentor, guide, discipline, disciple, provide care, and be an authority in your child’s life. Get out of the way. Literally exit the room for significant and frequent periods of time.

If your child has never been exposed to black women in this way, expect hostility from them toward you and embarrassingly, toward the black woman. Remember this is your fault. Support the black woman providing correction to your child. Do not save your child. Do not stop the exposure. Help your child surface their feelings and admit your wrong in not doing this before. Pay a cash bonus to the black woman every time she has to experience this from your child. She is literally laboring to raise your child out of our white ancestral ashes.

Now what about you? What black women are you sitting under the authority of?

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Rebecca Greenidge (she/her)

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