Jomo Greenidge

Gender pronouns: he/him/his

He is a man on a mission: Entrepreneur. Educator. Youth Advocate. Minister. Deejay. Gamer. Geek. Regardless of the hat he is wearing at the time, Jomo Greenidge is a technologist who loves Jesus Christ, kids, gadgets, helping people, and otherwise working on really cool projects. He lives in the Portland Metro area with his wife and three children. When not blogging, designing, coding, prototyping, or spending time with his family and friends, you can catch him on Xbox Live attempting to improve his pathetic gamerscore.

Rebecca Greenidge

Gender pronouns: she/her/hers

A builder at heart: Wife. Mama of three. Student. Laborer in the abolition of white dominance. Committed to the deep personal work for white people that examines cultural identity and roots out the destructive programming of white dominance, while reclaiming our humanity. She has received training in racial equity facilitation through the Center for Equity & Inclusion and she facilitates learning environments aimed at raising racial consciousness for white people – exploring identity, impact, justice, reparations, accountability, and duplicating our learning in others around us.