AWA: Connect (Sundays 7-7:30pm)

The Alliance of White Abolitionists (AWA) has been birthed out of our belief that white people have the greatest responsibility to abolish white dominance. We welcome you to join our weekly video chat!

Here’s how…
Date: Every Sunday, 7:00-7:30 pm PST
Cost: FREE!

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Why we gather in this way…

Connection is the soil

Mature gardeners know that when you want to grow a particular plant, you must tend to the soil. Depending upon what you hope to grow – you will need to add certain nutrients. White dominance socializes white people for disconnection from our true selves and from others. When we nourish our connections is when we begin to liberate ourselves and each other from the grasp of our socialization.

Connected to ourselves and each other…

…we find an increasing ability to be vulnerable. Brene Brown says “vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change – it sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” If she’s right about vulnerability being the birthplace of innovation, then we need to embrace vulnerability because we desperately need innovation in order to solve the problem of white dominance within the white community.

Over and over, I’ve seen the domino affect of connection, vulnerability, innovation…leading us to commitment. I hear often from white people that they are stuck – overwhelmed and inactive – which only fuels more guilt, shame, and disconnection. In general, white people experience a nutrient deficiency of connection that leaves us silent and submitted to white dominance.

The harvest of connection is collective power

I am committed to building collective power to abolish white dominance. We will not be successful without connection. It will take all of us. When we study abolitionists who labored to end slavery and Jim Crow – we find a plethora of personalities, methodologies, skills, etc. – yet they were connected.

My eyes are on the harvest of collective liberation from white dominance and my shoulder is beside yours. I believe in us. I love us. Let’s do this!