Black Women Are Not A Problem

Black women are not a problem.
Black women are not a problem.
Black women are not a problem.

To white people who hold power: study this graphic and commit to never, ever pushing black women out of your organization or watching it happen in your organization. Do not make decisions in isolation but rather stop all decision making and reach out to the people that already know your organization and/or already gave you feedback. Reflect and re-commit to “do no harm”. Keep working through possibilities and do not quit. This will be hard. It will humanize you and others in ways that will stretch every part of you.

What you perceive as comfort is a lie. What you perceive as security is a lie. If black women are not safe in your organization, your organization is centering white dominance and it’s survival is not a priority. White dominance must be abolished and all people liberated from it’s grasp.

I have tremendous love for white people who are willing to face this and who are willing to go to deep places within themselves to acknowledge both how much we do not know and how much we want to do better. Someone recently said of me “you yearn for truth that doesn’t hold people harmless–but at the same time hold much compassionate space while waiting for that truth”. I won’t ever be easy on us because easy is a lie that eats our souls out. I dream of liberation.

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Rebecca Greenidge (she/her)

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