Cohorts For White People

JORE Consulting offers the following cohorts for white people:

  • Learning cohorts: all white people 18+ (15+ with adult), registration required
    • 101: Seeks to answer “who am I as a white person and how am I socialized to fit in the world?”
    • 201: Seeks to answer “what did I miss and what skills will I need to abolish white dominance?”
    • 301: Seeks to answer “how can my own journey to abolish white dominance impact my community?”
    • 401: Seeks to answer “how do I duplicate myself in others to build collective liberation?”
  • Targeted cohorts: focused learning by organization or identity marker, registration required
    • White Executive Director/CEO/Leadership
    • White parents of black and brown children
    • White adults raising or in community with white children
    • White parent groups for schools
    • Learning cohorts for white people within a company or organization