TTIN: Watch out Florian (Email 1)

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Note: This is an archive of an email from the May 2020 launch series of The Time Is Now (Early Adopter Edition).


This is the first email in a series that I will be sending your way this week and next.

I'm glad you are here.

My intention is that 95% of this series will leave you better off, even if you choose not to invest/enroll in TTIN.

Okay, let's kick this fun party off with one of my favorite stories.

It begins like this...

There is a big city...the biggest and most shiny. The city everyone dreams of living in. It’s a city where magical things happen.

As the story begins, we find out that this city sits in ruins.

Everything is dust and ash.

You can hear the collective groan of those who live there.

They have barely survived.

And all that they have been used to - sits crumbled around them.

The market they frequented - gone.

The places where they gathered with friends - gone.

The home they lived in - gone.

Now, this story takes place a long time ago and there was no one coming to save them nor was there a home supply store to purchase new materials.

What everyone expected was to sift through the rubble and dust off whatever could be reused.

But not Florian.

At the news of the city's demise, Florian wept.

Then waited.

For months, Florian strategized.

Then it was time.

Florian traveled all the way to the city in ruins. As they got close enough to see the city, the pace slowed. It was worse than anyone could have imagined. No longer shiny. No longer filled with promise. No longer a place of magic.

But Florian had a plan.

The first stop was to see the King.

But you can’t just go visit the King. It doesn’t happen. The King then was the same as Kings now. Behind a veil. Protected. In those days, just approaching the King's gate was punishable by death.

Florian approached anyway.

Upon seeing a stranger in view, the guards readied themselves. Every one of their muscles tightened.

Florian’s throat tightened.

“I'd like to see the King.

I know you all are hurting.

I have drafted a plan to build an even stronger city.

I am ready to help.”

The head guard swiftly pulled a long sword from its sheath.

Metal on metal.

Eyes narrowed on the target.

Florian (pounding chest and all) stood completely still.

The guard took a step forward and uttered “who do you think you are” and raised the giant sword above Florian’s head.

You see, these times we find ourselves in - just as in Florian’s time - are unprecedented. Never in our lifetime have we seen the collapse of our world as we knew it. Florian wouldn't have believed the big, shiny city could collapse to mere dust and ash.

This story has a lot to teach us in the coming days. I'm glad you are here.

If you have questions or if you wanna share an insight you had after reading The Time Is Now page, hit reply and I’ll be happy to get back to you.

Until tomorrow.