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201 Cohort

May 7 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Zoom Video Call, (download the Zoom app),

If you identify as “white” and have ever wondered
“what am I still missing and what skills will I need to abolish white dominance?”
then this is for you…


“I’m really coming to terms with how ignorant I was growing up in a white middle class community. There is so much more to learn about how white dominance is impacting our world. I’m finding that I still need these conversations to help me resolve the new questions I have and I need to keep connecting with fellow white anti-racists so that these conversation actually happen.

We have only just begun! Some of you come out of the 101 Cohort feeling more alive than you have felt in years. Some of you are feeling a sense of despair as you face your own participation in white dominance. Some of you are asking “what’s next?” This cohort seeks to answer all of those postures. Whereas the 101 Cohort establishes a foundation of what it will take for a white person to move toward anti-racism with understanding, integrity, and humility – this next course asks “what does this learning mean for your life?” We will become increasingly capable of evaluating the effectiveness of our white anti-racist practice on ourselves, our family and friends, and our white community. Together you will build some scaffolding to place upon the foundations we have set and you’ll help others in the room do the same. We will practice more, examine deeply nuanced topics, and build belief in our ability to be learners and practitioners of collective liberation.

This cohort will take you on a six month journey. Twice each month you’ll join a group of like-minded people for a 90-minute Zoom session that is interactive and humanizing. Weekly homework assignments give you the option to go a little deeper, develop new habits, and stay connected throughout the month.

We will continue our work in a “white affinity group”

Ali Michael and Mary C. Conger offer that a white affinity group “is a place for white people to examine what it means to be white, to critically reflect on themselves and their actions, and to work to identify and confront racism” in all areas of their lives. Justin C. Cohen shares that white “affinity space is a place where white people can practice, model, and improve anti-racist practices.”

One of our participants put it this way…

“If you are interested in really leaning into the thoughts in all of our white minds about race, racism, and what it means to be white in America today, then a JORE Consulting white affinity cohort would greatly benefit you. You will learn so much and have your eyes opened wide and your heart opened wider. You will be seen and heard and supported, but also challenged to do more and think more.”

In this cohort, you will gain:

  • an understanding of the role of healing as part of an anti-racist practice
  • insight into who is in your sphere of influence
  • vision for impacting those closest to you
  • a connection between your “why” and your anti-racist actions
  • practice at countering dehumanization
  • awareness of how white dominance shows up in the workplace
  • tools for interrupting systemic white dominance
  • practical steps for repairing harm caused to Indigenous, Black, and brown people
  • healthy practices for white anti-racists
  • connection with other white people who will both challenge and strengthen you

Here’s how one participant was feeling before signing up…

“The 101 Cohort helped me see how much I’d been avoiding learning about my own culture. I had never faced how I’d impacted others and that felt like a really important step. Now I’m more curious and I want to dive even deeper so that I can understand more.”

And even if you’ve been on this journey a while…

“The homework material was pretty amazing, honestly. Exceeded expectations and even though I had felt I had done a great deal of work and reflection on this topic I still really left feeling transformed and grateful.”  – Cohort participant

You can expect…

  • to be held capable and able of growth
  • 20 homework lessons (for use during or after the cohort) that will propel your learning forward
  • a participant portal where you can share and ask questions
  • a variety of tools and resources that connect with multiple types of learners
  • space to practice and feedback to help you continue to develop
  • JORE to give 20% of your fee to Indigenous, Black, or brown Portland community members

Registration details:

The fee for this cohort is $399. Space is limited. Register below.

Prerequisite: 101 Cohort
Audience: Anyone who identifies as “white”
Facilitator: Rebecca Greenidge
Co-Developer: Jomo Greenidge
Location: Zoom
Time: 6:00-7:30pm PST. Zoom room opens at 5:45 pm PST and you are encouraged to arrive early so that you can say hello to each other and connect before the session begins at 6:00 pm. Q&A time from 7:30-8 pm for those who wish to stay and check in about specific questions.
Dates: May 7th and 21st, June 4th and 18th, July 2nd and 16th, August 6th and 20th, September 3rd and 17th, and October 1st and 15th.


Because we know that not all white people hold economic advantage, we offer several spaces on a pay-as-you-are-able basis. If you wish to be considered for one of those spaces, please fill out this application by March 13th. We will contact all applicants on or around March 16th. If selected, you will be sent a code you can use to register.