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Webinar Series: Lifelong Pledge (7/17-8/14)

Tuesdays 6-7:30pm PST (Jan 11-Jun14) or Thursdays 6-7:30pm PST (Jan 13-Jun 16)

This 5-week webinar series will explore our Lifelong Pledge. The pledge was birthed from Jomo’s set of requests for white people who want to authentically engage anti-racism work. The pledge then became Rebecca’s personal commitment and at the end of every cohort, we offer the pledge as a map for participants going forward. Rebecca wrote an article titled How Shall We Respond which centered on the pledge as she processed her own experience to viewing When They See Us. The article surfaced the need for white people to respond in tangible ways while we continue to process what we learn about ourselves.  We invite you to join us as we fuel connection to one another and deepen our practice to abolish white dominance.

Before registering, please note:

  • The Webinar Series: Lifelong Pledge will meet live 7-8pm PST on the following dates: July 17th (Keep Learning), July 24th (Build Relationships), July 31st (Do No Harm), August 7th (Use Your Privilege), and August 14th (Prepare for the Personal Cost). The webinar will be recorded and made available for all who are registered so if you are not able to attend the live events, you can listen to the recording and follow the prompts at your convenience.
  • There will be 10-20 minutes worth of homework prior to each session that will help the group develop common memory and prepare for the discussion topic.
  • Once you register, please watch for an email with the invitation to the participant page on our website and a link you will need to use to finish your registration if you plan to attend the live event.
  • As we lean into our values, we have chosen to operate our business in a way that practices an active rejection of capitalism. We trust participants of the cohorts to make the decision of how much to pay for the webinar. We offer price points of $25, $50, and $125 ($5, $10 and $25 per session). We do not wish for finances to be a barrier to your participation so please let us know if you need a scholarship.
  • Registration deadline for this webinar series is July 14th. This is a hard deadline so that participants have time to prepare the homework and we have time to prepare all logistics for the live event.