Get Targeted Support With Coaching!

Here's something to think about...

Athletes with vision hire a coach.

We've heard the stories of our greats.

Serena Williams, Michael Jordan, Alex Rodriguez, Michael Phelps, Michelle Kwan, Simone Biles...

They all imagined themselves at their best.

And spent hours.





Under the guidance of a coach who leveraged personal drive into the development of skill.

Muscle memory forms.

And eventually being at your best becomes a habit.

Do we think any less of these greats because they had help?


We understand the role of coaching for athletes. We don't even question it.

Maybe that's because many of us have our own memories of coaches that helped shape our younger selves.

I know I did.

In the 5th grade, I desperately wanted to play basketball.

The only trouble was...

I was terrible.

No shot. No dribble. No jump.

...and as an adult I measure 5 feet 2 inches. Not exactly basketball material.

I can remember feeling embarrassed and wanting to quit.

But that year was the first time I learned that my legs were built for sprinting.

My coach taught me to be ready for the pass from someone taller down in the paint, push off quick, and speed down the court to an easy lay up.

Over. And over. And over.

All of a sudden, I was an asset to my team.

What it took was learning to see myself more accurately and catching a vision for how I fit on a team.

The only way to win was with each of us at our best.

We don't question coaching for 5th grade basketball hopefuls. 

Why don't we view coaching for white people committed to liberation in the same way?

After all, you are walking toward a goal that has never been accomplished dismantle white dominance.

Our best intentions aren't likely to help us get there.

And in all of the work I do with white people - I see one thing that's holding us back more than anything else. More on that in a minute...

Many of you know a whole lot. I mean a lot. You've read the books, listened to the podcasts, watched the movies. You know the hashtags and you use all of the right words.

High five. Seriously. It's a lot of knowledge you've stored up.

If you were a cup, you'd be full. In some cases, overflowing.

Knowing how the system of white dominance functions is necessary learning.

But knowing a thing is not the same as being able to break down a thing.

Knowledge is not enough.

I've spent years studying. Relearning history. Stalking social media conversations about race (most of which went off the rails). Learning the language of racial equity.

At some point, I looked around and noticed how isolated I'd become. 

It was me on my lonely little island with only my knowledge to keep me company.

I began asking myself...

Who are my people?

What is my role with the white community?

What skills do I have or need to develop in order to do my part?

What will it take to really make a difference?

Where do I need to grow?

How can I repair the situation I'm in while doing the least amount of harm?

Are these questions you are asking yourself?

If not, close this window and go grab a cup of tea. This isn't for you.

But if you found yourself screaming "YES" to any of the questions I'm asking myself and my clients, then keep reading...

Let's jump back to 5th grade for second...

I thought the only way to be an asset to my team was by being able to shoot, dribble, and jump.

What I learned all the way back then has informed how I view coaching.

We all have a role.

You have a role.

You cannot be me and I cannot be you.

Yet together...that's where the magic happens. It's where you and I both show up and build collective power.

Remember that one thing I said many of you have in common?

It's the thing that's keeping you from being at your best...

The culprit?

Very low skills.

Knowledge will make you feel like you can do a thing.

But just imagine if Serena Williams read 1000 books about tennis but never touched a racket.

You must pick up the racket.

When you do, you will need support.

Because you can't see why you are missing the ball as you swing with all of your might.

All you hear is the thud of the ball hitting the back fence and you know you missed again.

But there is help.

You don't need to be someone else.

I will help you see yourself more clearly.

I will help you see the role that only you can play.

We need you confident, humble, and able to see what you bring to the team of people all over the world as we work toward collective liberation.

...then you must know

your why

your who

your how

and your where

This is about unleashing you to be the best you can be for the sake of all of us.

And now more than ever, we need you at your best.

My beliefs about coaching...

Coaching is episodic.

Our coaching packages are meant to help you fine tune, deepen, and progress into new stages of your journey.

Our Adaptive program spans 4 months and you are in the drivers seat. Your most pressing needs are what we will work on together. We will meet with you every other week for 60-90 minutes and occasionally we may assign some homework for between sessions.

Our Leadership program is an intensive program meeting every other week for 60-90 minutes over the course of 6 months. This program is for white-bodied leaders who need a deep dive in order to progress in a way that allows them to lead their families, places of work, and community into a deeper commitment and expression of a collective liberation framework. You can expect regular 30-60 minute homework assignments for between sessions.

Coaching is an investment.

Adaptive coaching program (8 sessions, 4 months) - $5,000

Leadership coaching program (12 sessions, 6 months) - $10,000

(please contact us for team coaching options and rates)

Coaching is fuel to help you be your best.

It's why our clients say things like...

"In over 20 years of leading for equity in the organizations I've led, I've never had a coach who held my feet so close to the fire while also deeply caring for my transformation. I wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca as a coach for white people who want to deepen their perspective and practice related to racial equity - both personally and professionally. She has an incredibly strong sense of how to push people beyond their comfort zones, but in a way that also uses discomfort to help propel forward. She’s brilliant!" - Mark

Coaching is not for everyone.

If you don't find this invitation drawing out your own personal "hell yes" then this is not for you. Seriously. And not everyone needs a "coach" - but all of us need support. Maybe you have that support elsewhere and I'm so happy that's you.

If you have some questions, click here to schedule a call with me so we can find out if we are a good fit for one another.

If you are ready to put in the work to push forward, then fill out the application below and I'll be in touch.

I’m depending on you to learn how to be at your best.

Every one of us has a role to play in creating a more just world.


Coaching Application:

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