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Shooter Teton of the Sioux Nation says

"I have seen that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a man to depend simply upon himself."

The need

White people who are committed to an anti-racist practice are still impacted by the internalization of white dominant culture. When we survey the white anti-racist community we find many isolated learners with good intentions and an almost non-existent skill set to propel their anti-racist vision forward.

Even if you are very knowledgeable - having spent years re-educating yourself - you live with some or all of these constant companions:

  • frustration with other white people
  • fear of doing or saying the wrong thing
  • guilt about your low level of impact on your sphere of influence
  • fierce protection of your Indigenous, Black, or Brown loved ones
  • feedback that you center white dominant culture
  • isolation and broken relationships
  • resignation to the permanence of racism
  • pain and resentment for your socialization into white dominant culture
  • immobilizing sense of overwhelm at the pace of race based injustice

All of the white people we coach are years, if not decades, into their anti-racist journey.

Some are in institutions that are committed to an anti-racist vision and who have spent five to six figures investing in expert facilitation to help implement a set of practices centering anti-oppression commitments.

Some are community advocates, educators, parents, organizers, and activists.

All of them say they want to dismantle white dominance in themselves and the world; yet even with such focused intention, none of them were thriving when they came to us.

White people who want to grapple with their internalized white dominance have unique needs in order for them to transform themselves and duplicate that transformation into people around them, the institutions they lead, the communities they are part of, and the world.

The options

When white people find themselves struggling to practice, much less advance, their efforts to dismantle white dominant culture - they have a few options:

  • Continue to struggle
  • Run away or hide
  • Find or build intentional community
  • Get help

If you want help...

...we'd love to connect with you!

We view coaching as episodic. Ultimately, you are the one to hold and carry your anti-racist practice forward. Our method of coaching is intentionally high in both challenge and support of a deeper personal (and in some cases, institutional) commitment to and application of, an anti-racist vision for a just world.

One of our clients experienced this impact from coaching with JORE:

In over 20 years of leading for equity in the organizations I've led, I've never had a coach who held my feet so close to the fire while also deeply caring for my transformation. I wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca as a coach for white people who want to deepen their perspective and practice related to racial equity - both personally and professionally. She has an incredibly strong sense of how to push people beyond their comfort zones, but in a way that also uses discomfort to help propel forward. She’s brilliant!

If this sounds like the kind of help you are looking for, then please fill out the application below.

We have limited spaces for coaching clients and it's important that you are ready to put in the work to propel your anti-racist practice forward. We will review your application and be in touch with you right away.



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