How much should I pay?

Thank you for considering a learning space us.

As we write this page, we are balancing two understandings: 

  • We don't wish payment to be a barrier to participation
  • Our experience tells us that payment drives commitment

We've written about money before. If you haven't read it, I invite you to check it out.

Who holds economic advantage?

Our pay-as-you-are-able program was designed for white bodied people who do not hold economic advantage. If that's you, please accept our invitation to pay less than the price listed.

Notice I did not say pay nothing.

In a society rooted in the system of racial capitalism, we have become conditioned to care more about our commitments when we have invested our resources.

Liberation work is costly.

And while there are many ways this cost will play out, white bodied people who are committed to creating a more just society cannot exclude our wallet.

Let's start by locating your income:

(Note: please utilize HUD income rates where you live if you do not live in the Portland, OR metro area)

MFI 2019 web

Now that you have located your income, consider aligning your payment to participate with where your income falls on this chart.

Example: if your income is located in the "50% of Median Family Income" section, consider paying 50% of the price.

If you need to make payments on the total amount that you decide to pay, register with your first payment and bookmark this form to make additional payments.

We will not ask you for these payments.

We trust you to manage your commitment.

If your income is above "Median Family Income" then we welcome you to offer additional resources.