I Commit

I continually struggle with taking responsibility for my participation in racism. It has been painful to admit the harm that I bring to my children, my husband and dear friends. Yet, in this I’m violating an agreement I hold to share my perspective responsibly. My perspective lands squarely as a white person which means I will never be outside of the protection and toxicity of white dominance until it’s dismantled.

So, how could I do better?

Some possibilities:

  • More vulnerability about my struggles and my defiance in admitting those struggles.
  • Position myself daily as a learner, stop showing up as “whiteness as expert”.
  • Less “you white people should” and more “As a white person I must”.
  • Turning you/we/they/them into me/I.
  • Create ways to call white people into learning rather than perfection and deflection.
  • Model responsibility aka *my ability to respond* (thank you Hanif) and normalize that process by doing it often and publicly.

To my children, my hubby, and my community of lovely humans who know I should and can do better, I’m sorry.

I commit to implement these possibilities in my life and how I show up. Please publicly check me anytime you see me posting, talking, facilitating, etc in a way that falls short of my intention to model personal responsibility in dismantling white dominance.

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