Jomo D. M. Greenidge

What do you do?

As a co-founder, my finger is on the pulse of everything we do and the curriculum we develop to advance the movement to abolish white dominance. I bring to this work a great respect and appreciation for black community members who offer themselves to the same efforts and who bear a unique harm because of this commitment. I also bring a gratitude for the white people who are honest enough to admit that they are racist, and courageous enough to dedicate themselves to this life-long work.

Why do you do this work?

I do it because it’s necessary. One of the greatest impacts of the Civil Rights Movement was the rejection of white domination over our black identity. We could see how white dominance was at work in our community causing us to hate ourselves, destroying our community and limiting our potential. When we rejected that with every cell in our body then something shifted. That shift birthed the outcry “black is beautiful!”

White people need their own ah-ha moment – their own epiphany about the time in which we live – an enduring truth to latch on to that will speak to the core of the white identity and allow them to, alongside of us, reject what white dominance says about them. As we’ve begun to see pockets of white individuals create lasting change for themselves and a few others, what I hope to see is systemic change from inside the white community that will endure. This movement of change cannot be driven by external forces – it must be internal – and that requires white people to examine the reality of who they are inside of white dominance and catch vision for who they will be outside of it. Who are white people once free from the grip of white domination? My hope is that in 50 years, my people will be able to look back on this time and see white people beginning to craft a new identity that no longer relies on the lie of white dominance.

This work is an investment in my grandchildren and their grandchildren and hopefully it honors my grandparents and their grandparents for their sacrifice, and their endurance under hardship.

What do you believe?

In life, all of its universal values: art, beauty, love… are most truly experienced in the context of relationship. I believe that it is the relationships we build that matter the most. All of life is about relationships: learning, loving, fighting, celebrating, resting…even solitude. But there isn’t a relationship today unadulterated by the poison of white dominance. Person to person, city to city, nation to nation. As we purge white dominance from our midst, we create the environment for true relationship and thereby true life.  Because what we have now is a poor facsimile.

What questions guide your work?

How can I move the crowd? If God is for me, who is against me? How do we get better at this?

What words inform your beliefs?

“I have an obligation to discharge, a duty to perform, a debt to pay.” – Romans 1:14


Services offered:

Curriculum Development and Accountability:

Co-creating all JORE curriculum and providing accountability for every aspect of our work. Support for organizations in the development of protocol for equity, diversity and inclusion efforts that connect with the specific mission and vision of the organization.

Education Focused Consulting:

Design and support for community/school partnerships with a specific focus on student engagement initiatives rooted in culturally relevant pedagogy.


Dedicated to the communication of life-changing truth through story-telling as well as a call to action appropriate to a variety of audiences.