Learning Cohort for White People

JORE Consulting offers learning cohorts for those who identify as “white” and find themselves hungry for a deeper understanding about how race functions. All learning cohorts offer a series of in-person sessions that span over six months that provide a uniquely collaborative method of engagement that serves counter to the dehumanizing programming of white dominance. Participants at all stages of their journey have found this method to be impactful.

As a white facilitator, Rebecca enters this work with a commitment to help white people dive into an authentic and deeply personal stage of learning. From the first assignment, participants can expect a call to vulnerability as we hold each other capable and able to engage conversations about what it means to be white and how we fit in the world.

Series One: Racial consciousness raising and cultural identity development

In positioning ourselves as learners we will:

  • Reclaim our humanity through examination of our cultural identity and the programming white people receive from early childhood.
  • Process personal participation in white dominant structures and develop new beliefs which reject oppressive cycles that white people both consciously and unconsciously participate and ultimately benefit from.
  • Learn tools to identify how racism functions and practice taking our learning from thought and feeling to belief and action, making a commitment to interrupting white dominance in our environments, while staying rooted in personal application.
  • Commit to new ways of living which lean in to stated values as laborers seeking the abolition of white dominance – exploring ideas of risk, justice, reparations, accountability, and duplicating our learning in others around us.

Series Two:  Skill building focused on adaptive practice and implementation

In positioning ourselves as learners we will:

  • Learn how to use story as a way to engage deeper learning for ourselves and in the white community.
  • Deepen our relationship to feedback and the stages of empowerment as laborers in the abolition of white dominance.
  • Build confidence in our ability to interrupt white dominance in ourselves and our environment through extensive practicum.
  • Engage in experiential learning activities that will foster a deeper understanding of the presence of white dominance.
  • Lean into our developing beliefs and values as we take next steps in exploring ideas of integrity, intention, reparations, rackets, community, and healthy coping practices.

Before signing up, please note:

  • Participants are strongly encouraged to attend all 6 of the in-person sessions and engage in homework assignments in between sessions. Sessions are set for 3 hour blocks of time and meet once per month.
  • A deposit of $100 is required to participate. As we lean into our values, we have chosen to operate our business in a way that practices an active rejection of capitalism. We trust participants of the cohorts to make the decision of how much to pay for the learning received. We ask participants to balance the value of the learning personally received along with financial ability and support for our ongoing work. Participants are welcome to break up additional contribution over several payments, if desired. As a white facilitator, I’m conscious of concerns about me benefiting financially from this work. I am the only person in my immediate family that identifies as white and the income I make doing this work supports my family’s well-being. Additionally, I am a strong supporter of reparations and donate a minimum of 20% of all revenue to people of color outside of my family.
  • Registration usually closes 3 weeks before a cohort launch in order to engage participants in a prerequisite homework assignment and online discussion forum.