Learning Cohort for White People

JORE Consulting offers learning cohorts for those who identify as “white” and find themselves hungry for a deeper understanding about how race functions. All learning cohorts offer a series of in-person sessions that span over six months that provide a uniquely collaborative method of engagement that serves counter to the dehumanizing programming of white dominance. Participants at all stages of their journey have found this method to be impactful.

As a white facilitator, Rebecca enters this work with a commitment to help white people dive into an authentic and deeply personal stage of learning. From the first assignment, participants can expect a call to vulnerability as we hold each other capable and able to engage conversations about what it means to be white, how we fit in the world, and our role to abolish white dominance.

101 Cohort: Seeks to answer “who am I as a white person and how am I socialized to fit in the world?”

In positioning ourselves as learners we will:

  • Reclaim our humanity through examination of our cultural identity and the programming white people receive from early childhood.
  • Process personal participation in the system of white dominance and develop new beliefs and habits which reject oppressive cycles that white people both consciously and unconsciously participate in.
  • Develop skills to identify how white dominance functions and practice taking our learning from thought and unconscious action to fully feeling, believing, organizing and committed laborers in the abolition of white dominance, while staying rooted in solidarity with black and brown people.
  • Offered in six sessions covering identity, divide and conquer, patterns of white dominance, identify and interrupt, feedback, and the role of white abolitionists.

201 Cohort: Seeks to answer “what did I miss and what skills will I need to abolish white dominance?”

In positioning ourselves as learners and intracultural leaders we will:

  • Continue the learning from the 101 Cohort, and learn concepts that keep white dominance entrenched – both broadening and deepening our base of understanding.
  • Seek to deepen our posture of solidarity to Indigenous, Black, and Brown people by making connections to our white ancestors, the choices they made, and the internal wounds from those choices that are carried forward and in need of repair.
  • Implement our abolitionist practice into every corner of our lives: work, family, finances, time, peace, relationships, and more.
  • Offered in six sessions covering institutional change making, racial capitalism, healing, practicing skills to counter white dominance, circle of influence, and repair (reparations and more).

301 Cohort:  Seeks to answer “how can my own journey to abolish white dominance impact my community?”

In positioning ourselves as learners and intracultural leaders we will:

  • Learn how to use story as a way to engage deeper learning for ourselves and application within the white community.
  • Deepen our relationship to feedback and the stages of empowerment as laborers in the abolition of white dominance.
  • Build confidence in our ability to quickly identify and counter white dominance in ourselves and our environment through extensive practicum.
  • Offered in six sessions deepening internalization and application covering intention, the use of story, rackets, building the abolitionist community, and healthy coping practices.

401 Cohort:  Seeks to answer “how do I duplicate myself in others to build collective liberation?”

In positioning ourselves as learners and intracultural leaders we will:

  • Utilize a posture of love to fiercely critique ourselves, our white community, and the effectiveness of our anti-racist practices.
  • Seek to duplicate ourselves in those around us in deeply intentional ways – willingly altering our lives for sake of others.
  • Develop a keen skillset that remains flexible yet unwavering toward the mission for all people to be liberated from white dominance.
  • Offered in six sessions developing intracultural leadership within the white abolitionist community covering abolitionist leadership models, effective change making in individuals and institutions, dignity, vulnerability in teams, balance of learning/leading, transformative alliance building with black and brown people.
  • Note: Not offered as a webinar

For all cohorts and before signing up, please note:

  • Participants are strongly encouraged to attend all of the in-person sessions and engage in homework assignments in between sessions. Sessions are set for 3 hour blocks of time and meet once per month. Homework can be engaged at the participant’s pace and offers multiple pathways to engage each topic. The amount of hours of engagement has a direct correlation to the depth a participant is internalizing, applying, and practicing the learning. Some participants spend upwards of 1+ hour each day, some 1-2 hours per week, others spend the months between sessions processing the last and return to the homework after the series has ended. We don’t define engagement as boxes checked but rather ask that each participant continue to lean in to their own learning in significant ways. White people have been conditioned to expect comfort. We believe that what’s needed to engage this work over the long haul is vulnerability, courage, innovation, commitment, and support – none of which will feel like the kind of comfort white people typically experience but which will draw us into a place of deeper integrity and connection to our own humanity as well as the humanity of all people.
  • As a white facilitator, I’m conscious of concerns about me benefiting financially from this work. I am the only person in my immediate family that identifies as white and the income I make doing this work supports my family’s well-being. Additionally, I am a strong supporter of reparations and donate a minimum of 20% of all revenue to Indigenous, Black, and Brown people outside of my family.
  • Registration usually closes 2-3 weeks before a cohort launch in order to engage participants in a prerequisite homework assignment and private online discussion.