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Parkrose School District Contract

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Parkrose School District Contract

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  • Overview:

    Parkrose School District employs approximately 300 people between Elementary and Secondary Schools. Of those people, about 70 identify as Black, Indigenous, brown, or bi-racial; and about 250 identify as white. For the 2020-2021 school year, the district will be utilizing race-based affinity groupings in order to more acutely meet the differentiated needs of those in their district and place racial equity at the forefront. All people will self-select into their group and engage in Professional Development as it pertains to their racial identity. The district will support all groups with funding and/or facilitation support.

    JORE Consulting specializes in white-bodied race-based affinity learning spaces. This proposal will highlight only the recommendations for the ~250 white-bodied people employed in Elementary and Secondary Schools within Parkrose School District.


    There will be two seasons of work for the 2020-2021 school year:

      Fall Season:
      3-month, self-directed, online course
      Teams of 6-8 people for implementation (approximately 30 teams)
      2 hours of zoom-based support per team
      Coaching for entire white bodied admin team
      Coaching for district leaders

      Spring Season:
      Foundations cohort for 100 Equity standouts across district
      Cohort meets every other week, 12 sessions, 6 months
      Weekly practice assignments offered for those who want to go deeper

    Total Cost: $60,000


    Fall Season:
    Unwavering will be used to launch into race-based affinity groups for white-bodied people. The inaugural journey will be from September through January; however, Unwavering is a course that can be revisited many times and the District will benefit from utilizing it on an ongoing basis. See accepted proposal for PD minutes and dates.

      Unwavering Team Support: Two hours of zoom-based support for each of the teams as well as email support throughout the course. Each team can determine when they would like that support and schedule with JORE Consulting at mutually available times. JORE facilitators may vary.

      Administrator Coaching: Rebecca will meet with white-bodied Parkrose Administrators to provide coaching and skill development. Rebecca will also be available for Black Administrators on an as-need basis. Total of 12 sessions (60-90 mins each) to be split as needed among Administrators.

      District Coaching: District leaders will need additional support in order to stay on track with how each school is progressing. Rebecca will meet with district leader(s) to provide feedback, discuss observations, and support skill development for leadership rooted in abolitionist frameworks. Total of 12 sessions (60-90 mins each).

      Survey (~February): All participants of Unwavering will be surveyed and provide final data and feedback to the district.

    Spring Season:
    Educators across the district who have proven to be equity standouts, will be invited to continue their learning via our Foundations Cohort which is an interactive, facilitated cohort for white-bodied people. This is a six-month cohort that meets every other week for twelve 90-minute sessions as detailed in the Proposal.

    Terms and Conditions:

    Payment Terms:

    All payments must be made upon request. Client payment in absence of a signature will also indicate acceptance of this project and the terms and conditions described within.

    Payment Options:

    • Pay in full by check

    Cancellations should be advised via email to JORE Consulting (


    Should any course (cohort or webinar) be cancelled by the Client the following will be applied:

    • No cancellations accepted
    • Participant substitutions can be made 48 hours prior to any event
    • We reserve the right to change the course facilitator

    Services (any work other than a course):
    Service contracts (such as coaching) are non-refundable and will specify the number of sessions available. Once the Client schedules the use of any contract session, the time is deemed used and non-refundable. If the Client cancels a scheduled session, the session can be rescheduled with a 30-day period following a cancellation permitted a mutually agreeable time is available.

    Cancellations by Consultants:
    JORE Consulting reserves the right to withdraw from a contract if it is believed that there is no longer a viable partnership and/or shared vision with the Client. If this occurs, JORE Consulting will be paid 100% for all services rendered and 50% of all services contracted but not yet rendered.

    On the rare occurrence of illness or adverse weather conditions, Consultants will reschedule the missed event at a mutually agreeable time. The Consultants do not accept liability for any failure to provide the services contracted due to circumstances beyond the control of the company.


    JORE Consulting facilitates conversations about race. There are many different interpretations about the process of these conversations from participants in the same room. Participation in the conversation is voluntary and may involve emotions in a manner that might subject the participants to emotional distress. In participating, the Client accepts all risk and assumes all responsibility for emotional distress experienced along with any and all correlating effects. By attending, participants agree to assume total responsibility for safety and well-being, including the protection of personal property.

    Client agrees to release from all liability and hold harmless JORE Consulting and its agents from any and all legal responsibility for any emotional distress, accident, injury, loss, illness, or other instance that may occur in connection with the Client's participation in, or attendance at any cohort, event, or visit facilitated by JORE Consulting.

    The Client understands that they are relinquishing legal rights they might otherwise hold. The Client intends this waiver and release to apply to the signing party, the organization, guests, and any person making a claim on my behalf. This waiver and release is part of the consideration in order to participate and is included in the registration process for all participants.

    Curriculum and Publications:
    Any and all intellectual property rights in and relating to JORE Consulting, the Curriculum and/or the Materials are owned by JORE Consulting. Unauthorized use of those Materials including reproduction, storage, modification, distribution or republication without the prior written approval of JORE Consulting is strictly prohibited. The names and logos of JORE Consulting and all related product and service names, designs, marks, logos and slogans are the trade names, service marks or trademarks of JORE Consulting and may not be used without the prior written approval of JORE Consulting.

  • Price: $60,000.00