Participation Waiver

We facilitate conversations about race. As you might imagine, there are many different interpretations about the process of these conversations from participants in the same room. Your participation in the conversation is voluntary and may involve emotions in a manner that might subject you to emotional distress. In participating, you are accepting all risks and assume all responsibility for emotional distress you experience along with any and all correlating effects. By attending, you agree to assume total responsibility for your own safety and well-being, including the protection of your personal property.

In legal terms…

I release from all liability and hold harmless JORE Consulting and its agents from any and all legal responsibility for any emotional distress, accident, injury, loss, illness, or other instance that may occur in connection with my participation in, or attendance at any cohort, event, or visit facilitated by JORE Consulting.

I understand that I am relinquishing legal rights that I might otherwise hold. I intend this waiver and release to apply to myself as well as to any person making a claim on my behalf. This waiver and release is part of the consideration I give in order to participate.