Rebecca Greenidge

What do you do?

I help white people reconnect to their curiosity. As members of white dominant society, many of us have experienced some level of disconnection from who we are as white people and how we experience the world. Some white people come to this conversation already committed and eager to learn and some come holding deep skepticism. Either way, I believe that race has profound impact on white people and I’m interested in building common memory as we find pathways to our humanity, increase truth-telling, build capacity to respond to injustice, and commit to divesting ourselves from participating in white dominant culture as we stand in solidarity with Indigenous, Black, and Brown people.

Why do you do this work?

Out of a deep commitment to “first, do no harm” which draws me to engage the internal work required by white people in the ongoing practice of examining internalized cultural identity and hostile programming of white dominance.

What do you believe?

White people are capable and able to engage in the abolition of white dominance. It was created by our ancestors, offers benefits to us in exchange for our participation, and disconnects us from our humanity as well as the humanity of all people. White people must engage a more truthful journey that will lead to remorse and repair before expecting reconciliation with black and brown people.

What questions guide your work?

If not me, then who? Am I fueling connection and vulnerability? Am I cultivating innovation and commitment?

What words inform your beliefs?

“A true reconciliation journey is messy, complicated, beautiful and transformational.” – Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil


Services offered:

Cohort Facilitation:

A series of in-person sessions co-created with Jomo that span over 6-12 months offering a uniquely collaborative method of engagement that serves counter to the dehumanizing programming of white dominance. Participants at all stages of their journey have found this method to be impactful.


Focused support for white people who want to propel their anti-racist efforts forward. This method of coaching white people is intentionally high in both challenge and support of a deeper personal (and in some cases, institutional) commitment to and application of, an anti-racist vision for a just world.


Individual and institutional targeted support that focuses on creating conversations that foster curiosity, critical thinking, self examination and vulnerability. Solutions are sought through an equity lens and by exploring possibility, evaluating responsibility, embracing accountability and engaging community.


Utilizes the power of story and passion to inspire and embolden multiple audiences toward the abolition of white domination and it’s choke hold on our society.