Enrollment Schedule

All of our courses and cohorts have hard open/close enrollment schedules. This is so that we can pour into the groups we are serving and update our curriculum to increase it's effectiveness at developing white-bodied people into skilled, unwavering abolitionists.

Those on our mailing list are always notified first about open enrollment.

Here is what's coming up...

I look forward to having you join us.

Spring 2021

Unwavering - March 8-12 

Foundations cohort - April 5-9


Summer 2021

Unwavering - August 9-13

Fall 2021

Unwavering 3.0 - Anticipated October 2021

Enrollment for 2022 Foundations - November 2021

Winter 2022

Foundations Cohort - Jan 11th (every other Tuesday till 6/14)

Foundations Cohort - Jan 13th (every other Thursday till 6/16)

Sometime 2022

New Beta program - details coming