Special Invitation!

I hope you are enjoying your summer! We have been jammin as we build the Alliance of White Abolitionists, give our cohorts a complete overhaul for fall, launch into webinars, partner with other organizations who educate white people, write about this work, and plan for how we take our mission to liberate all people from white dominance to a broader audience…

…and we need your help!

Our mission has been our own little mustard seed; breaking hard ground and growing roots. We have consulted with a business coach who has the skill set we need to help us have greater impact and now is the time to gather resources and build toward collective power to abolish white dominance.

This is where you come in…

  1. We need a team of people who are connected, skilled, determined, and willing to help us navigate our next steps. If you would like to be on this team, click here.
  2. Please consider purchasing one of our package deals. We have recently changed some of our prices and in order to help you make the jump with us, we have 3 Special Offers available: Hit the Ground Running, Bring a Friend, and I Love Webinars; and/or
  3. If you would like to support us with cash, you can click here.

I am immensely grateful for the ways each of you have engaged your own work and inspired me to keep going! I believe in us! I love us!