Sometimes we’ve got to go back to Kindergarten! At the end of our recent event series with the Alliance of White Abolitionists, we planted seeds in paper cups.

All week, I’ve been watching and anticipating these little sprouts – and it’s done something to my brain…I’m eager to grow, watching for the things I’m missing, and wanting to push a little harder because I know how hard these little seeds have been working all week.

I remember learning that seeds must break in half before they can sprout – what a metaphor for white people who want to abolish white dominance in ourselves and our white community. What we thought about ourselves and our world must break in order to make room for new ways of being that are not rooted in dominance.

Some questions I’m asking myself are:

  • What do you want to grow?
  • How will you live your one precious life?
  • Where is the proof/receipts of my mission to abolish white dominance? Does it show in how I use my time? Spend my money?

We are learning to shift the message of our work – deep enough to bring change and simple enough to dance past objection.

I am determined, resilient, demanding, filled with love, and dreaming of liberation.

How is your week starting off?

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