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We specialize in offering spaces for white people who want to end racism. You'll find our full enrollment schedule here »

Summer Series

Daily liberation

a liberation practice for white people

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With no shortage of ideas about what a white liberation journey should include, it's easy to get overwhelmed and do nothing at all. Let's get you moving again without getting hooked on old patterns.

Understanding Conflict

awareness, healing, and tools for white people

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Conflict is a part of every relationship, yet most of us feel unprepared when it shows up. You will uncover how your conflict story impacts your present and help you access more options for how to respond.

Talk to white people 1.0

developing the will and skill to make a difference

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Want to have effective conversations with your family, friends, and colleagues about race? This session will feature our highest-rated activity - a case study that is bound to change everything you think about your role in ending racism.

Fall Series

de-weaponizing emotion

practical advice for white people with big feelings

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To feel is human and yet the historical context of big white feelings is still forging white emotion into weapons today. Let's align our liberation values to our humanity by learning practical skills for navigating our emotions.

Every day accountability

healing damaged interconnectedness

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This model will help you understand what went wrong and practice a deeply human approach to accounting for your actions that will enable you to show up as your best self in every relationship.

co-creating non-dominance

tools for human potential to flourish

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Learn tools to diminish dominance and re-seed liberation over and over. You'll get hands-on practice and be ready to use these tools with any group you are a part of (family, work, community...).

Talk to white people 2.0

practicing our way to greater effectiveness

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Are you ready to develop some muscle memory for talking with white people about race? We thought so. Join this scenario-packed session sure to help you feel more prepared to have effective conversations no matter who you are talking with.

Winter Series

what is it like?

envisioning a world without racism

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The practice of envisioning what we want helps us create it. Bring your magazines, paints, pencils, fabric - or any medium you want and let's envision a world without racism as we embark upon a new year.

Our culture cup

why you (or white people you know) appropriate culture

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What got stripped from your ancestors in order for them to become white? As we understand our communal story of deculturation, we are able to grieve, heal, and co-create a culture of liberation.

navigating hurts

stopping the pattern of disposing people

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Comfort is not guaranteed within our liberation spaces. We must learn to recognize the patterned urge to dispose of people, heal the hurt beneath, and co-create spaces where both connection and accountability thrive.

Framework Series

Season One: Foundations

what does it mean to be white?

JORE 101

{Closed} To build a lasting liberation practice, white-bodied people must pour a foundation filled with the elements necessary to identify and admit our personal and communal patterns and begin to heal ourselves and each other.

Season Two: Deepen

you are a necessary part of collective liberation


{Closed} Rotating through personal and communal healing allows white-bodied people to access the past and reach forward to build a white-bodied community no longer attached to dominance which can be passed on for generations.

Season Three: Anchor

becoming the people we want to be


{Closed} It’s in the context of community that white-bodied people find the courage to anchor every aspect of our lives to the values of collective liberation and, in doing so, become available to co-create a world without racism.

Season Four: Practice

new ways of being through repetition


{Closed} Building a white-bodied community of practice allows us to meet life-affirming needs, hold a low bar for entry and high standard for conduct, eliminate fear, and fuel the ethic to reach pockets of our community we have scapegoated.

Season Five: Magnify

leadership without dominance


{Closed} From the location of healing, we gather and serve, fuel cooperation, prioritize the collective good, and co-create the environment and conditions for a white-bodied community of practice in alliance with the liberation movements of all people.

Targeted Support


strengthen and challenge your liberation practice

JORE coaching

{Open} If you are ready to propel your liberation journey to new depths and want an intensive experience for you or your team.