Webinars For White People

JORE Consulting offers the following webinars for white people:

  • Cohort webinar: 6 monthly, 3-hour sessions, deep learning for white people 18+, registration required
    • 101: Focuses on racial consciousness raising and cultural identity development. An online model of our Learning Cohorts for White People which you can read more about here.
  • Targeted webinars: 5 weekly, 1-hour sessions, focused learning for white people 18+, registration required
    • Lifelong Pledge
    • Whole-Person Anti-Racism
    • Uprooting Superiority
    • The Role of White People in Anti-Racism
    • Feedback: Receiving & Giving
    • Fueling Connections in Anti-racism
    • …and more

We currently offer one Intensive webinar and five Targeted webinars each year.

If you are interested in one of these webinars that is not currently on our calendar, please fill out a contact form letting us know which webinar you are interested in and we will add you to our waiting list for the next time that webinar is offered.