Webinars For White People

JORE Consulting offers the following webinars for white people:

  • Cohort webinar: 2x monthly for 6 months, 90-min sessions, deep learning for white people 18+, registration required
    • An online model of our Learning Cohorts for White People which you can learn more about here.
    • Offered at all cohort levels – 101, 201, 301, and White Leaders Cohorts
  • Targeted webinars: 1x weekly for 5 weeks, 60-min sessions, focused learning for white people 18+, registration required
    • Lifelong Pledge
    • Whole-Person Anti-Racism
    • Uprooting Superiority
    • The Role of White People in Anti-Racism
    • Feedback: Receiving & Giving
    • Fueling Connections in Anti-racism
    • …and more

If you are interested in one of these webinars that is not currently on our calendar, please fill out a contact form letting us know which webinar you are interested in and we will add you to our waiting list for the next time that webinar is offered.