What Clients Say…

About the in-person sessions:

“Meeting with a group helped me to articulate some of my thought processes so that I could dive deeper into this work.”

“The sessions were approachable but balanced a feeling of safety with a high level of challenge.”

“Glad to see the flexibility shown by the facilitator – not content driven.”

“I thought this would be political and cheesy and righteous – or conversely too elementary and basic. It was neither and I would recommend this class to every white person I know.”

“I really appreciated having a small group that I could get to know and feel comfortable being vulnerable with. We were encouraged to share our thoughts and reactions and were challenged when problematic ideas came up.”

“I appreciated all of the practicing of how to interrupt white dominance with the case studies.”

“I liked that the format changed every session and encouraged lots of discussion opportunities.”

About the homework:

“The material was pretty amazing, honestly. Exceeded expectations and even though I had felt I had done a great deal of work and reflection on this topic I still really left feeling transformed and grateful.”

“I liked how much deeper the homework and other suggested reading/watching materials made me examine white dominance in myself.”

“The homework was diverse and challenging. I’ll admit that I may have never watched some of the films without them being assigned and am so glad I did. Gathering friends for film screenings and going to social justice groups was a challenge I’m glad I took.”

“Reading, listening and watching plus other assignments kept me motivated and engaged throughout the series.”

“The assignment to meet with a homework partner is great and helped to give more time to discuss what we’re learning and exchange resources.”

“The homework was multi-faceted; reading, watching film, writing. This was very effective. The multi-modal approach to the information helped to integrate it more fully.”

“Writing my cultural autobiography really made me think and reflect. It brought past issues to the surface and made me start addressing some.”

About Rebecca:

“Amazing at challenging us to stay committed, didn’t do anything to let us off the hook. I really appreciated that. Also shared vulnerability which helped support the group to do the same.”

“Good at keeping on topic, addressing questions and providing resources.”

“Honest and tough but not scary. Very clear presentation style.”

“You let people come to their learning on their own – even when you get intense, you’re always kind and supportive.”

“I love that you shared mistakes and your struggles as a mother of black children”

“Clear communicator. Open to input. Walks the talk – able to move from philosophical to real time situations.”

“You are very good at this. We were lucky to have you.”

“I really liked the approach of this class and thought you facilitated in an open and honest way.”

“Great at being vulnerable and sharing her knowledge with passion.”

Because of participating in this cohort:

“This has changed my life! I think about all the interactions with POC now and strive to self-reflect continuously. I’m staying engaged with my kids equity group at their school and plan to engage in more dialogue with white people about racism.”

“I will engage myself in self-reflection and process what I have learned so I can dismantle white dominance.”

“This cohort really helped me see that being ‘political’ is not enough. Self accountability is key and I will continue to embrace techniques learned in class.”

“Continue curiosity. Support businesses owned by POC. Have a lot of conversations with white people.”

“I started a documentary group with my white friends who don’t think much about racism and oppression.”

“I’m feeling more confident in my ability to stay grounded, particularly with the understanding that the core of this work is to acknowledge our humanity.”

“I feel much more prepared to talk about race with other white people.”

“I’ve appreciated the opportunity to add more tools to my toolbox and continue to learn and grow.”

“I know it’s a continuum, but I feel like I’ve taken big, giant steps through this process.”

What would you say to other white people about these cohorts?

“It’s a great space to explore race and your own relationship to race without doing harm to POC.”

“Great place to learn info, tools, and develop relationships with like-minded white people. Great for people at any level of awareness.”

“This was eye-opening, difficult and challenging – yet incredibly rewarding and it’s something you need to do.”

“Sign up! You will go deeper into knowing yourself and the world. You will reclaim your humanity.”

“Do it! It’s ok to be uncomfortable!”

“You must be willing to do the work, it’s the only way to see things for what they are and be part of the solution to making it better.”

“I think all white people in America need a training like this!”

“This cohort has allowed me to self examine my role in white dominance, facilitated my growth in changing and validated me as a unique individual who needs to assist in dismantling white dominance.”

“This cohort will provide you with a rich, interactive, and engaging environment for self-reflection and learning.”

“Do it! It is your moral duty. You will learn far more about yourself than you expect.”

“Please consider taking this class. Well worth the time and money.”

“Totally worth the time and be ready to be extremely challenged.”

“Provides a structured opportunity to do readings and write on the topic of race and hold yourself accountable for doing the work.”