White Women: We Need To Talk

White women, we need to talk…We need to talk about our addiction to speak, comment, examine, criticize, and enter spaces that are created by and for Indigenous, Black, and Brown people. We are deeply sick. Really.

Admit :::: I interject myself into places that are not for me because I seek recognition for my work or want to prove that I am good.

Believe :::: I hold myself capable and able to change. I can learn from guides who have gone before me. I will embrace this change by deferring my will to Indigenous, Black, and Brown people. I will follow their instructions and heed their boundaries.

Examine :::: I will fearlessly search myself for specific ways I am addicted to entering Indigenous, Black, and Brown spaces. Social media comments, attending events not for me, selfies with Indigenous, Black, and Brown leaders, standing in front, being the loudest, etc.

Repent :::: Decide to turn from the wickedness of my addiction. See the violence of my actions. Get in the habit of admitting wrong often and promptly.

Repair :::: Pay a cost for my wrong. If it doesn’t cost me, it will take me much longer to learn it and the violence will continue. Pay money, time, security, labor, etc as directly as possible except where to do so would cause further injury to Indigenous, Black, and Brown people.

Commit :::: Seek increased consciousness of the impulses of our addiction. Slow down. In social media ask yourself before commenting “Have I been asked not to comment? What is my intention in commenting? Does my comment add value to Indigenous, Black, and Brown people here?”

Get your sisters and brothers :::: When you spot another white person’s addiction, go to them. Vulnerably share your own sickness. Your proximity to them is proof that they are part of your community. Prioritize relationship. Don’t hate white people…that’s self hate. Be humble. You are still sick. Walk it out together.


White women, are you still there?

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Rebecca Greenidge (she/her)

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